Another Award – Huaqin Technology Wins Grand Slam of OPPO Quality Awards 2020

Following the H1 2020 Excellent Quality Award, Huaqin Technology has won the Excellent Quality Award 2020 of OPPO for its quality that ranked first throughout the year, thus pocketing the Grand Slam of OPPO Quality Awards 2020.


In the eventful year of 2020, every industry was impacted by the pandemic and ever-changing international environment with the purchase and production resumption of electronic components facing great challenges.

Centering on its customers, Huaqin Technology has developed a full-chain quality competitive edge and laid a solid foundation for winning the Grand Slam of OPPO Quality Awards by making plans, taking initiative in prevention and drawing up a series of key actions.  

Key actions

  • Customer survey

We have conducted a survey to find the problems in cooperation and interconnected internal resources to improve timely, follow up and form a closed loop.  

  • Align goals

We have reviewed whether or not the process indicators had been met and improved in time.

  • Centering on customer quality culture

We have finalized, updated and deepened the OPPO quality culture of Huaqin to solve problems in the customer’s “language” and fulfill our duties in practicing it.

  • Reliable resource guarantee
  • After-sales guarantee

Whenever customers have needs, we quickly respond, communicate and solve problems.

Faced with the challenges from the turbulent external environment, Huaqin has never stopped its progress. Remaining optimistic, open to changes and progressive, we have opened a new chapter for the cooperation between OPPO and Huaqin.

In the future, we will continue with technology update, lean, automated, large-scale and efficient manufacturing and high-quality strategy and take actions to accomplish our mission of improving people’s communication and life.

In 2021, Huaqin will flourish and serve customers well!



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