Social Responsibility


Execution strategy:


1. Promote RBA Standard strategy with suppliers to implement;

2. Establish supplier red lines;

3. Take the CSR as the bidding standard;

4. Promote CSR by Industry cooperation


In order to realize the supply chain to fulfill the social responsibility and sustainable development. Huaqin require suppliers to fulfill social responsibility together. We focus on the performance of morality、employee health and safety. The supplier problems may have multiple effects on the business involved. Such as the production lost, raw material industry and customer product security. As the part of the company’s value, we have the common risk with the supplier. We believed that the strength of supply chain depends on the weakest part of them, so we will need extending the CSR to each part of the supply chain.


Measures :


1. Annually Supplier training;

2. Annually Supplier Symposium


Since 2012,Huaqin organized supplier communication/training conference annually. Every new year. Huaqin would organized supplier training and communications. In this event, Huaqin will instill our objectives, tasks, dreams and ideas. And signed the with various suppliers for supplier management and control constraints, to the EICC standard, the employment system meets the requirement of SA8000.


As more and more the globalization and diversification customers, one of our important work is to meet the requirements of different customers on the quality of the products which supervise and urge us to improve the management level in various aspects, including the management requirements of supplier. In the conference on August 28, 2015 morning which the theme is "ten years Huaqin, with you ", the slogan "cooperate to win-win" was put forward. At the sametime, the supplier had been required to carry out the red, yellow light management mode, which can better meet the needs of customers and the society.

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