The second manufacturing center of Huaqin is estab

Huaqin signs with Nanchang High-tech District on March 20th, marking that the second manufacturing center of Huaqin is established.

Taking supply chain integration and preferential policies into account, Huaqin selects Nanchang High-tech District as its second manufacturing center. Nanchang High-tech District hubs many electronic enterprises and projects, such as Shenzhen BYD, Huashi, MEMS project of Tianjin University. Apart from parts of mobile terminals, ODM companies like Wintech and Wind establish their branches in the High-tech District where industrial supply chains are complete. In this way, Huaqin can integrate industrial resources in the High-tech District. Huaqin Nanchang Manufacturing Center covers an area of 200,000 m2 , which will be put into use by 2019 with planned annual capacity of 50,000,000 units.

In 2008, Huaqin built its first manufacturing center in Dongguan, with an area of 153,000 m2 and annual capacity of 48,000 units. So far, there are 30 SMT lines, 49 assembly lines and a lot of automatic testing machines. It is planned that Huaqin will invest more than 10 million yuan into automatic transformation of workshops.

Moreover, Huaqin Manufacturing Center has advanced IT system to support factory management as to increase product yield, improve production efficiency, reduce inventory, control cost and finally actualize automatic production and lean production.

Since 2008, Huaqin has amassed nine-year experience of factory management and has been introducing advanced production patterns and management methods with large-scale delivery capacity and ability to quickly respond with market shifts and demands. Now, Huaqin grows to be a market leader in ODM industry, ranking Top 10 in global EMS list and ranking the first in global ODM list. Moreover, Huaqin expands its business, covering from smartphone business to tablets, notebooks and IoT products.



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