Core Capabilities

Intelligent supply chain of high quality, agility, security and efficiency

Efficient Supply Chain

We are committed to building a transparent, secure, agile, cost-leading and sustainable supply chain system and maintaining a win-win partnership with our suppliers.

We build an efficient operation process and a comprehensive digital and systematic IT system for effective vertical resource integration to create a world-class supply chain system. We develop a team of differentiated suppliers, a global network of strategic procurement, and a risk management mechanism to establish a competitive supply chain for our strategic goals.

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2022 procurement amount

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Global partners


Global delivery network (countries/regions)

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Global warehouse space

Intelligent supply chain of high quality, agility, security and efficiency

Huaqin has been committed to building an efficient operation system. The successful IPD transformation started in 2015 marks the completion of an end-to-end R&D process from R&D to output. Huaqin launched its digital transformation in ISC (integrated supply chain), finance and HR in 2021. By introducing the best practices in the industry, we aimed to build an IT-based end-to-end supply chain management system to ensure high-quality delivery and services.

Efficient, Intensive Integrated Warehousing and Logistics System

We build a large logistics network integrating planning, supply, production and delivery to ensure production synergy and rapid delivery. By far, we have expanded our delivery network into 115 countries and regions, covering 104 ports.

With a total area of more than 100,000 square meters, Huaqin operates 2 manufacturing centers and 5 parks under a centralized, platform-based warehousing network. Aiming at intelligent supply and flexible manufacturing, Huaqin builds information-based WMS (warehouse management system) through digital intelligence technologies such as AIoT (Artificial Intelligence of Things), 5G and big data to achieve digital and intelligent business operation. By introducing new logistics equipment such as intelligent picking shelves, automated guided vehicles and unmanned forklifts, Huaqin has built an unmanned warehouse that sets a new benchmark of intelligent distribution, and built a new model of flexible logistics, intelligent and agile distribution, and efficient operation.

Comprehensive Supplier Management

Huaqin adheres to the principle of "transparency, security, agility, cost leadership, and sustainable cooperation" in our supplier management to achieve win-win results. We have established a standard second-tier and third-tier supplier management system to evaluate suppliers from the aspects of quality, cost, delivery, service, technology and ecological footprint. This helps us control product quality and enables suppliers to improve product quality.

Top suppliers are given priority and more shares in projects and are exempted from annual audits. We encourage suppliers to establish long-term strategic cooperation with us in multiple product categories and make joint efforts in the innovation of design & development, supply & logistics, and system integration, so as to create an agile, quality, innovative and green ecosystem.

Global Supplier Awards

Since 2014, Huaqin has presented annual awards (Strategic Supplier, Outstanding Supplier, Best Delivery, Best Quality Awards, among others) to global suppliers to recognize their outstanding performance in products, services, quality and delivery, which strengthens win-win partnerships.

Sunshine procurement

With zero tolerance to violations of code of business conduct, Huaqin strictly abides by the rules on supplier selection, employment, incubation, retention and bidding in an open, fair and just manner. You can report to us with the following method. We will keep confidential your personal information and the report content.

  • For Huaqin Internal Control Committee

  • Report
  • Reporting hotline:18516617679

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