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Sincerity - Lifeblood of Our Business

Compliance and Integrity

Compliance and integrity lay the foundation for Huaqin's sustainable development in the long term. As an international player that leads in its industry, Huaqin should work harder to fulfill its social responsibilities, value compliant operation, and be a role model while providing more competitive products to customers, an equal cooperation platform for business partners, and a diversified space for growth where "the harder you work, the happier you will be" for employees.

Compliance Management System

Huaqin has established an internal audit organization at the group level to supervise company-wide compliance management. In accordance with applicable laws and regulations, we have set up a complete compliance management system for various business scenarios. It defines our legal and ethical standards in global business, identifies and evaluates risks, sets compliance targets, and formulates control measures for business activities and processes. Through compliance management and supervision in all areas and at all levels, we have effectively reduced compliance risks.

Compliance Culture Promotion

Through the compliance campaign every September, Huaqin promotes the compliance culture to create a good atmosphere of integrity. While senior management are encouraged to practice the values of integrity, employees are fully educated on corporate and personal obligations and responsibilities through publicity activities, training and examinations, so that compliance is manifested in the behaviors of every employee.

Reporting channels

Huaqin adopts a zero-tolerance policy against violations of the code of business conduct. Any violation of laws and regulations by our employees or partners can be reported with the following methods. We will keep confidential your personal information and the report content.

  • For Huaqin Internal Control Committee

  • Report
  • Reporting hotline:18516617679

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