Public Welfare

A Socially Responsible Player with Love and Technology

Public Welfare

Let us create a beautiful world together. Huaqin established the Care Fund in 2011, which is committed to giving back to the community through five programs, namely grant-aided education, environmental protection and carbon reduction, health assistance for the disabled, assistance to the poor and the weak, and disaster relief support. By being a responsible player that is grateful for the time it is in, Huaqin strives to actively shape the community it operates in by teaching people "how to fish".

Grant-aided Education

We foster education, bridge education gap, and diversify education in impoverished areas by aiding small rural schools and supporting vocational education, special education, and early childhood education.

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Environmental Protection and Carbon Reduction

Under the goal of carbon neutrality, Huaqin facilitates ecological construction and environmental protection through "photovoltaic+n" and water resources projects, environmental pollution prevention and control, green development, and water resources cons

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Health Assistance to the Disabled

By subsidizing early diagnosis and early intervention technologies, we help kids with congenital diseases to improve, recover, and live with dignity.

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Assistance to the Poor and the Weak

We subsidize the disadvantaged in the remote poverty-stricken areas in middle or western China or in the urban areas and activate the intrinsic motivation in rural areas by sponsoring public welfare organizations to fuel growth in industry, ecosystem, and

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Disaster Relief Support

Whenever there is a major natural disaster, we make every effort to provide as many resources as possible to ensure people's basic living needs in the affected areas.

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Honors for social welfare

Member of Huiyi Elderly Care Alliance

Caring Enterprise of 2021 (awarded by Qingcongquan Training Center for Children with Special Needs)

Outstanding Philanthropic Enterprises in Pudong New Area (20th Edition)

Outstanding Organization of the Year (awarded by the Jiuyibang Public Welfare Project Team)


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