Environmental Protection

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Environmental Protection

Huaqin advocates green, low-carbon, and sustainable development at our headquarters, five R&D centers, two domestic manufacturing centers and three overseas bases. This "low consumption, low pollution, and high efficiency" approach helps us achieve green, high-quality development.
We use renewable and clean energy at source, take technical and managerial measures to save energy and dispose of hazardous waste, and launch environmental awareness programs. These efforts result in energy saving, increased resource utilization, reduced waste, and lowered operation costs, contributing to high-efficiency and low-carbon operation.

Energy Conservation and Emission Management

Tackling climate change is in the common interest of mankind. As a key player in the manufacturing industry, Huaqin fully assumes responsibility for energy conservation and carbon reduction by introducing clean production solutions, optimizing production processes, and improving production efficiency. We work to maximize the environmental benefits of our clean technologies in production. A series of measures have been adopted to reduce energy consumption at our manufacturing centers, for example, air compressor waste heat recovery, workshop heat-generating equipment cooling and exhaust renovation, replacement with energy-efficient LED light, lighting renovation of factory corridors, renovation of lighting switches in dormitories and packaging areas, and energy-saving renovation of the process cooling water for reflow ovens in the SMT workshop.

To better manage waste on our premises and minimize its impact on the environment, we employ certified waste disposal companies to classify and dispose of the waste.

Energy Management System

By introducing energy management system and establishing energy audit mechanism, we have developed an analytical model based on historical and real-time monitored data of energy consumption. The model can help accurately predict the consumption of energy resources for balanced, optimal production scheduling and reduce additional energy consumption caused by exceptions in operations.

Clean Energy

To cope with the challenges posed by climate change, more countries, regions, and organizations have shifted their attention onto the acquisition and use of renewable energy. While using renewable energy in our operations wherever possible, we are building PV power plants, solar water heating systems and other green energy facilities at our manufacturing centers.

Green Office

Huaqin encourages employees to work in every possible way to save resources, reduce pollution and emission, and recycle whenever possible. We also advocate "paperless office" in the process of digital transformation.

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