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Green Technologies and Product

As a world-leading smart hardware enterprise, Huaqin produces hundreds of millions of smart products every year. From development to production and disposal, Huaqin strives to reduce ecological impact through technology innovation and green technologies, providing customers with more environmentally-friendly products and creating a sustainable future for human society.

Green Technologies

At Huaqin, technology innovation is fundamental to business success. The past years have seen our increased investment in R&D, especially green technologies.

We strive to produce eco-friendly products with reduced energy consumption through technology innovation. For example, our server liquid cooling technology helps data centers operate at much lower noise levels, with energy consumption cut by more than 30%. This contributes to an eco-friendly environment for data center operation and maintenance.

More Durable Products

Huaqin always adheres to the "high quality strategy" and produces durable and high-quality products to reduce the consumption of natural resources. In the design stage, we ensure that raw materials meet all environmental requirements through rigorous evaluations; in the manufacturing stage, we conduct strict reliability tests against international standards to ensure enhanced product usability in severe conditions and reduced resource consumption.

We have multiple specialized reliability labs in China, where we simulate use scenarios and perform reliability tests on different products and components to ensure product quality before delivery. These include drop tests, temperature cycling tests, and abrasion tests.

Green Products

We undertake to comply with global laws and regulations (RoHS, REACH, POPs, California Proposition 65, WEEE, Packaging Directive, and Battery Directive) as well as environmental control requirements of customer products for hazardous substance management. We manage the whole process covering product design and development, material inspection, process control, exception handling, and supplier management to ensure environmental compliance. We keep a close eye on the updates of laws and regulations so that we can obtain the most up-to-date information and communicate hazardous substance control requirements across the supply chain. In this way, we can ensure that our products are environmentally compliant and biodiversity is protected.

Green Materials & Packaging

Huaqin continues to explore effective options to reduce packaging material waste and logistics costs. This includes exploring green packaging possibilities with material suppliers under the principles of recycling, reusing, material repurposing, resource recovery and biodegradable disposal.

Relevant certification

China Energy Conservation Program (CECP)

CECP aims to reduce energy consumption and emissions by encouraging manufacturers to produce more resource-efficient products and helping consumers make sustainable purchasing decisions.

China Environmental Labelling Program (CELP)

CELP, also known as the Ten-Ring Certification, is currently the most authoritative eco-friendly product certification in China. CELP-certified products use less hazardous substances and are more energy efficient than similar products in the same industry.

Energy-Related Products (ERP)

Energy-related products are products that have been marketed and/or put into service but have an impact on energy consumption during use.

Energy Star

The Energy Star rating has become a key factor in the purchasing decisions of both consumers and businesses. More efficient buildings, applications, and hardware result in significant savings on heating time or power costs.

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