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Founded in 2005 and based in Shanghai, Huaqin Technology Co., Ltd. ("Huaqin") is a world-leading enterprise specialized in smart hardware products. As part of its mission to "Improve People's Communication and Life", Huaqin offers end-to-end product development, manufacturing, and operation of software, hardware, and systems to global tech companies. With a large customer base in more than 100 countries and regions worldwide, Huaqin provides global consumers with hundreds of millions of intelligent products including mobile phones, tablets, laptops, smart wearables, AIoT products, IDC products, and automotive electronics.


2022 Operating Revenue


Million Units
2022 Total Shipment

16 th

2022 Top 100 Players of China's Electronics and Information Industry

273 th

2022 China Top 500 Enterprises


R&D Headcount


2022 R&D Investment


Global Network


Invention Patents

Global layout


R&D center:Shanghai/Dongguan/Nanchang/Xi

Domestic manufacturing center:Nanchang/Dongguan

Overseas manufacturing base:Vietnam/Mexico(Planned)/India


ODM core value

Huaqin, a veteran in intelligent hardware ODM, has redefined ODM as Operation (O), Development (D), and Manufacturing (M). By going digital and automated and adopting advanced IPD, Huaqin keeps furthering its leadership in intelligent hardware ODM.

Intelligent hardware

Development history


Huaqin was established to offer mobile phone development and design in China


First year of smartphone business - 2011

Dongguan Manufacturing Center went into operation

Established Xi'an R&D center

Delivered 100 million units

Delivered the first tablet to the global market

Topped the global smartphone ODM rankings and has remained in 1st place ever since


Entered the US mainstream market

Topped the global smartphone and tablet ODM rankings and has remained in 1st place ever since

Delivered the first laptop to the global market


Established Wuxi R&D Center

Nanchang Manufacturing Center started construction

Series A funding of $128.2 million (led by Intel)

Mass production and delivery of servers

Dongguan R&D Center started the operation


Built two overseas manufacturing bases

Nanchang Manufacturing Center went into operation

Series B funding of $169.5 million (led by Qualcomm)


Established the Software Center and Evaluation Center

Wuxi R&D Center started the operation

Series C funding of $100 million (led by China Mobile)

Established Automotive Business Division, Innovation Business Group and X-lab


Huaqin Global R&D Headquarters started construction

Signing ceremony of R&D and Manufacturing Base in Lin-gang Special Area

Mass production and delivery of automotive electronics products

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