Core Capabilities

Innovation and accessibility to new science and technologies

Technology Innovation

Huaqin's R&D innovation in intelligent hardware encompasses industrial design, chip technology, artificial intelligence, screen display, biometrics, software algorithm, hardware driver, automation technology, etc.

Through the TMT Committee's advanced research in cutting-edge technology and high-end product capabilities, as well as the structure design, software and hardware coordination, whole system optimization, and resourcing advantages accumulated over the years, Huaqin iterates the technical performance and optimizes the cost for new high-end products and capabilities in the market. That is how Huaqin stays competitive in the smart terminal community of smartphones, tablets, laptops, smart wearables, AIoT, data centers, and automotive electronics.

12000 +

R&D Headcount

900 +

Invention Patents

1300 +

Software Copyrights

10 +

Overseas Patents

R&D center

Based on business and local resources, Huaqin has built five major R&D centers across China in Shanghai, Dongguan, Xi'an, Nanchang, and Wuxi. The centers focus on the development of such intelligent hardware products as smartphones, tablets, laptops, smart wearables, data center products, and automotive electronics.

Understand the global layout

Shanghai R&D Center

built-up area:26,000㎡

Operation time:2005

Dongguan R&D Center

built-up area:69,000㎡

Operation time:2018

Nanchang R&D Center

built-up area:16,600㎡

Operation time:2020

Xi'an R&D Center(Silk Road Headquarters)

built-up area:133,374.15㎡

Operation time:2023

Wuxi R&D Center

built-up area:110,000㎡

Operation time:2019

R&D capability

After years of continuous technology innovation, Huaqin boasts a series of core technologies in hardware, software, and overall structural design.At the same time, X-Lab was established to enhance the technical reserve in cutting-edge technologies, which facilitates Huaqin in building up a globally competitive multi-level R&D system.


X-Lab, Huaqin's core research institution that brings together technical experts, is dedicated to building Huaqin's innovation in key technologies such as noise reduction, power consumption, antenna, acoustics, optics, battery, thermotics, RF, etc. It also supports basic common technology research, incubates future industries, and advances innovation and technology. By enhancing our technology for productization, X-Lab secures our industry leadership in cutting-edge technologies.

Hardware Design and Development

· Circuit system design and cross-application enable reasonable cross-design on the motherboard of less than 20 square centimeters for placement and alignment, which integrates over 1,500 components and prevents mutual interference among modules.

· MIMO, ENDC, multi-antenna switching, single antenna design and debugging make possible a lower latency and higher speed in RF system design and ultra-small antenna clearance design.

· System-level fast charging, heat dissipation, and power consumption design maximize function, performance, and user experience.

· Compatible design and alternative design ensure supply chain security and smooth delivery of massive products.

· Excellent screen camera and human-machine interaction sensors to bring a superb product interaction experience.

Software Design and Development

Huaqin has well-established software solution design, development, and system integration across systems and platforms, including Android application development, system integration and optimization, embedded software architecture solution design and development, ARM and X86 architecture development and debugging. We are experienced in satisfying compatibility requirements of both Microsoft and Android systems, solution integration, and application development. The software firmware platform of the data business powers product and solution delivery in such categories as computing, network, storage, and heterogeneous.

Overall Structural Design

Ultimate Space Design

Many components are stacked within a small space and a set of structural features are designed to meet the function and reliability requirements of top customers in the industry. Examples includes 0.01mm thick architecture, 0.005mm exterior precision, IP68 rating, and 50M water resistance.

Advanced Material and Process Development and Application

Huaqin adopts food-grade stainless steel, aircraft grade aluminum, carbon fiber, sapphire, titanium alloy, reinforced nylon & glass fiber composite materials, nano-injection molding, MDA, SMT for flexible circuit boards, in-mold decoration for wireless charging modules, of which many are high-end, complex materials and processes.

Development of Products in Multiple Categories and Various Structures and Forms

Huaqin develops all categories of products such as smartphones, laptops, smart watches, TWS earphones, tablets, servers, intelligent door locks, VR/AR, etc.In addition, we also design best-in-class new forms and structures such as TWS earphones as light as 4g (one earphone), sports watch integrated with TWS, smartphones with a flip camera module, one of the thinnest and lightest laptops, and advanced patent of the quick-release watch strap.

IPD Project Management Model

To integrate R&D personnel and improve R&D efficiency, Huaqin has gradually built and optimized a flexible IPD process since 2015. Under the model, an integrated team, including an operational director, marketing representative, R&D representative, procurement representative, manufacturing representative, and quality representative, is established for each R&D project. This ensures smooth human resources allocation in such stages as product initiation and development through organizational and resource restructuring. Tools and responsibilities are clarified in the construction and utilization procedure and internal resources are better leveraged to support customers in project development. Furthermore, Huaqin can realize standardized, digital, and process-oriented R&D management.

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