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Huaqin offers solutions for integrated home electronics from market research, product definition, ID design to R&D and manufacturing. Quality and cost-effective solutions are provided for VR & AR, smart speaker, smart door lock, and TV customers to create a relaxed and immersive experience for them.


Outstanding integrated hardware and software design and precision manufacturing capabilities allow Huaqin to provide customers with one-stop VR & AR system solutions, covering both design (optics, acoustics, power consumption, RF, antenna, stacking, structure, software underlying driver, 6DoF algorithm, eye-movement algorithm, facial recognition algorithm, etc.) and manufacturing (components and parts, molds, injection molding, calibration, assembly, automation). Through 4K 360° images, consumers will enjoy themselves with a comfortable and immersive experience.

Smart speakers

Smooth smart speaker development and production are secured through a combination of mature touch and high-definition large screen display, multi-microphone array design and noise reduction technology, and integrated design of high-power loudspeaker and cavity.

Product development and delivery are accelerated by development practices across hardware platforms and Android systems. Along with professional audio labs and subjective and objective evaluation methods and capabilities, customers' expectation for high quality and superb experience will be satisfied.

Intelligent door locks

Huaqin stars in intelligent door lock fueled by profound technologies in fingerprint, camera, touch, screen, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, security and tamper protection technology, excellent industrial design capabilities, and integration of lock cylinder and lock body industries. Products come in all price ranges to satisfy various customers.


Huaqin focuses on the development, production, and delivery of such products as boards and TV sticks. A stream of innovative products and services are available, including TV, monitor, and complete commercial display units. We also develop and design tailor-made products tailored to our customers, to help them provide better products and services to end users faster at a lower cost.

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