Update date:2022/12/07

effective date:2022/12/07

Article 1

All information and graphics contained on this website are for informational purposes only. The publication of these documents does not constitute an offer or an intention to acquire, purchase, subscribe for, sell, or hold any shares. Those who refer to the documents published on this website shall be deemed to have confirmed that they have been informed of the above position. This website is not liable for any profit or loss of financial and securities investment projects depending on the information, materials, and graphics on this website.

Article 2

When users of this website participate in various activities held on this website, we will, with your consent and confirmation, request you to provide such personal information as name, gender, age, date of birth, ID number, home address, education level, business status, industry, etc. through the registration form or other forms. We will not disclose any of your information to any third party in any way without your consent.

Article 3

When the governmental and judicial authorities request the disclosure of personal information on this website lawfully, we will provide personal information as required by law enforcers or for the purpose of public security. This website is exempt from any liability in this situation.

Article 4

This website is not liable for personal information leakage caused by users' informing others of their personal passwords or sharing their registered accounts with others.

Article 5

This website is exempt from the liability for leakage, loss, theft, or tampering of personal information as a result of force majeure that impacts normal website operation, including hacker attacks, computer virus invasion or outbreak, or temporary closure due to government control.

Article 6

This website is exempt from any liability for legal disputes and consequences arising out of personal information leakage on account of other websites linked to this website.

Article 7

A notice will be published in advance when this website needs to suspend service due to system maintenance or upgrade. This website is not liable for any inconvenience and loss caused when the service is suspended due to network cable failure, hardware faults outside the control of the enterprise, or other force majeure.

Article 8

This website is not liable for any consequences when the user of this website goes against the statement and breaks the laws of the People's Republic of China.

Article 9

Anyone who accesses this website in any way or directly or indirectly uses the information on this website is deemed to voluntarily declare conformance to the statement.

Article 10

For issues uncovered in the statement, please refer to relevant laws and regulations. When this statement conflicts with the laws and regulations of your country, the latter shall prevail.

Article 11

Huaqin Technology Co., Ltd. reserves the right to own, modify, update, and interpret the statement.

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