Data Center

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Data Center

Huaqin's data business concentrates on the development and production of data center and enterprise IT infrastructure products, including general purpose servers, network switches, heterogeneous servers, and edge servers. We support one-stop delivery of L3 to L11 through such models as self-developed products and ODM/JDM services.

Huaqin is widely recognized by top cloud computing, Internet, and industry clients for its full-stack product portfolio, excellent quality reputation, scale delivery capability, and one-stop end-to-end service.

General Purpose Servers

Serves come standard in 1U/2U and can fit in 19-inch racks. Internal modular design, flexible expansion, and flexible configuration combinations make our servers a perfect choice for IDC, cloud computing, distributed storage, and other application scenarios.

Platform-based design spells efficient update and iteration. Excellent heat dissipation design can save more energy and help contain noise. With out-of-band management and monitoring interface, monitoring of server operation status becomes convenient, maintenance easy, and fault location, for better system availability.

AI Heterogeneous Products

Huaqin offers AI servers, JBOD, smart NICs, and acceleration cards in this category. AI servers come standard in 4U/6U and can fit in 19-inch racks. With a modular design, the servers can support up to 16 GPU slots. With a pass-through backplane, switch backplane, and two CPU-GPU topologies, they are used in face recognition, voice recognition, fingerprint recognition, security monitoring, retail forecasting, financial services, medical image intelligence analysis, and other application scenarios.

JBOD that supports up to 118 disks can work in such scenarios as mass storage and shared storage pool.

Network Switch

Our switches come standard in 1U/4U and can fit in 19-inch racks. All categories of access/aggregation/core switches are available, suitable for 25G/100G/400G networks.

With high performance and high reliability, our switches are equipped with one key Diag for fast and accurate fault location, second system status monitoring, and one key collection of system operation logs. Our whitebox switch architecture adopts an open source system, and Sonic and other open network switch operating systems are supported.

Edge MEC

MEC units come standard in 1U/2U and can fit in 19-inch racks. A short chassis design of 400-460mm makes for flexible deployment, and the units can work in harsh environments from -5 to 55°C. The SOC solution takes into account performance, power consumption, and extensions, while the front IO interface makes maintenance more convenient.

Huaqin is targeting small 5G base stations of carriers by providing 5G indoor distribution, wireless access and general-purpose multi-access edge computing to offer various content services (VR, AR, and IoT) in many application scenarios.

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