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Automotive Electronics

Built on the Global Intelligent Hardware Platform, Huaqin expands into automotive electronics and focuses on intelligent, electrified, and connected products and technologies for intelligent vehicles, which engage in four categories of the intelligent cabin, intelligent connection, intelligent driving, and intelligent vehicle control. Based on established advantages of rapid productization, excellent quality, scale delivery, and other one-stop end-to-end services, Huaqin is promising continuous investment in technology innovation and intelligent manufacturing of automotive electronics to provide customers with safe, reliable, and tailor-made full-stack solutions that support real-time upgrade.

Intelligent cabin

Being customer-oriented, Huaqin has created an array of intelligent travel application scenarios. By extraordinary experience in hardware and software, multiple systems, and rich ecological resources, Huaqin combines touch, intelligent voice, visual recognition, intelligent display, and other modes of interaction to shape intelligent cabin solutions that are open, flexible, and sustainable, by which the end users will be offered an immersive and full-sensory cabin experience.

Cabin domain controller+

Multiple operating systems and security capabilities are combined to build a high-powered integrated platform with excellent scalability and meet the custom development needs of vehicle manufacturers.

Infotainment system+

From radio to audio and video entertainment, Huaqin masters core technologies of exterior craftsmanship, sound processing, image processing, navigation and positioning, mobile phone interconnection, etc., and build a large IoV ecosystem to support customers with a tailor-made infotainment system.


Total HMI design solutions based on 6125, 8155, and other hardware platforms are available, with one-stop services encompassing product concept, user research, scene decomposition, UX design, 2D/3D dynamic effect design, 3D UI design, VPA design, 3D scene construction, model rendering, production-ready HMI output, development execution and docking, etc.

Intelligent vehicle control

In intelligent vehicle control covering intelligent gateway and vehicle controller, Huaqin develops core components and makes vehicle control more intelligent to satisfy customers under the updated demands of electronics architectures.


By collecting motor and battery status through Can/Can FD and acceleration/brake pedal signals, actuator and sensor signals through its own IO port, VCU ensures proper vehicle running and smooth operation of braking energy feedback, energy management of drive system and power battery, network management, fault diagnosis, and vehicle status monitoring.

Intelligent gateway+

A combination of 20-way CAN, 4-way LIN, 10-way Ethernet can satisfy the functional requirements of the gateway, VCU, center control display, alarm audio output, body control, OTA, intelligent diagnosis, data acquisition, etc.

Intelligent connection

Through intelligent V2X information exchange and sharing powered by modern communication and network technology, a commercial ecosystem is shaped for vehicle manufacturers, end users, and ecosystem partners, which brings them value growth momentum and creates a safer, more comfortable driving experience.

5G-V2X Tbox+

The collection terminal supported by the intelligent IoV service system comes in two versions, box and intelligent antenna. With both 5G and C-V2X, it enables high-end applications such as vehicle-wide data collection, audio and video monitoring, sub-meter high-precision positioning, and intelligent reminders.

4G Tbox+

Built on LTE cellular communication, GNSS satellite positioning, and vehicle bus communication, it provides such IoV services as driving data collection, high-precision location information, vehicle fault monitoring, vehicle remote inquiry and control (locking and unlocking, air conditioning control, engine start/stop, etc.), intelligent driving warning, driving behavior analysis, LTE wireless hotspot sharing and OTA, etc.

Intelligent driving

Huaqin has developed full-stack capabilities for intelligent driving, covering L2+ to L4 advanced assisted driving and autonomous driving domain controllers and functional modules, and we offer products including sensors, radars, cameras, domain controllers and software technologies and services for DMS, AVM, APA, and other driver assistance systems.

Autonomous driving domain controller+

Huaqin is working on full-stack capabilities for intelligent driving and picking up its pace in the research and development of L2++ to L4 advanced assisted driving and autonomous driving domain controllers and functional modules. We will see breakthroughs in production-ready automotive-grade intelligent driving domain controllers. In the short term, we will improve software platforms and capabilities for autonomous driving at all levels, including application layer algorithms, middleware systems, as well as development and testing tool chains. Multiple operating systems will be supported too.


ADAS uses various onboard sensors to perceive the surrounding environment and collects driving data and surrounding data for identification, detection, tracking, as well as computing and analysis along with navigation information. That way it enables early warning of danger and makes the ride safer and more comfortable.


Sensor, critical to autonomous driving perception, covers cameras, radars, and LiDAR most commonly used in autonomous vehicles. It uses them to monitor nearby vehicles and detect signals and surrounding obstacles, and the information collected is used for analysis, planning, and decision-making of the autonomous driving system for better performance.

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