Core Capabilities

Digital Innovation for Intelligent Manufacturing

Intelligent Manufacturing

Huaqin has built a model featuring "multiple manufacturing bases and flexible production and delivery" to advance intelligent manufacturing. We have two domestic manufacturing centers in Nanchang and Dongguan and three overseas manufacturing bases in India, Indonesia and Vietnam.

We continue to make manufacturing centers more digital, automated, and lean. With improved production efficiency and product quality, Huaqin will develop advanced manufacturing capabilities in intelligent hardware.


Manufacturing Layout
2 domestic and 3 overseas manufacturing bases

2000 +


25000 +

Automated equipment


Digital operation middle platform

Manufacturing base

Based on business and local resources, Huaqin has built five major R&D centers across China in Shanghai, Dongguan, Xi'an, Nanchang, and Wuxi. The centers focus on the development of such intelligent hardware products as smartphones, tablets, laptops, smart wearables, data center products, and automotive electronics.

Global layout

Nanchang No. 1 Manufacturing Center

Production time: June 2019

built-up area:416,000㎡

Nanchang No. 2 Manufacturing Center

Production time:Q2 2022

built-up area:937,000㎡

Dongguan No. 1 Manufacturing Center

Production time:2011

built-up area:264,000㎡

Dongguan No. 2 Manufacturing Center

Production time:Q1 2022

built-up area:477,000㎡

Dongguan No. 3 Manufacturing Center

Production time:Q1 2023 (estimated)

built-up area:456,000㎡

Vietnam DBG(JV)

Production time:2021

built-up area:60,500㎡

Mexico Manufacturing Base

Production time:Planned

built-up area:Planned

India DBG(JV)

Production time:2019

built-up area:51,000㎡

Digital Operation

We have independently developed MES powered by central and edge networks, which can quickly match different customers with diverse products and business forms, safeguarding multi-site production and large-scale delivery.

Digital transformation throughout the process of people, machine, material, method, environment and testing has made possible online intelligent management of workers in terms of qualifications and scheduling. Moreover, automatic human-machine interaction allows for data collection and equipment control. Materials are delivered to the production line in real time based on the production takt, that way the process and production process can be monitored in real time. This makes possible well-rounded process quality supervision and traceability throughout intelligent terminal product manufacturing and contributes to high productivity, high turnover rate, and low inventory in manufacturing.

We set up an intelligent manufacturing data platform for "unified operation with data sharing on one platform". Supported by the manufacturing command center, central control screens, and intelligent decision-making center, the platform fuels data to drive management and business reform and aid management decision-making for Huaqin intelligent manufacturing.


Huaqin independently designs automated equipment of all types (screw locking, placing, buckling, measuring, dispensing, welding, packaging, etc.) and boasts a wide range of automation technologies. They are adopted in the manufacturing of smartphones, tablets, smart wearables, laptops, and other categories, making manufacturing centers more intelligent and automated.

Huaqin has more than 25,000 automated equipment and more than 700 robots, which allows us to deliver tailor-made, flexible and high-precision automated production and testing solutions based on customers' product features and needs.

Precision Fixtures

With traditional clamping fixtures and low cost intelligent automation (LCIA) as two major tools, Huaqin designs precision fixtures or mechanisms to position, clamp, press, assemble, reflow, transfer, and handle all categories of smart terminals including smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, laptops, AIoT, etc. They ensure stable processes, consistent quality, high efficiency, low cost, and fewer labors in the production of these products.

At present, Huaqin's precision fixture team is working with product R&D and process development teams to standardize and generalize fixtures and increase their versatility. Precision fixtures featuring high precision, high quality, and low cost enable us to deliver fast and continuous services to customers.

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