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We have been committed to building the intelligent hardware platform to meet the needs of global markets, create more value for customers and partners, and serve hundreds of millions of consumers. We innovate and increase accessibility to new science and technologies to bring the world closer together with technologies, so more people can enjoy a smart lifestyle.




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Business Ethics

Compliance and integrity lay the foundation for Huaqin's sustainable development in the long term. As an international player that leads in its industry, Huaqin should work harder to fulfill its social responsibilities, value compliant operation, and be a role model while providing more competitive products to customers, an equal cooperation platform for business partners, and a diversified space for growth where "the harder you work, the happier you will be" for employees.

Public Welfare

Let us create a beautiful world together. Huaqin established the Care Fund in 2011, which is committed to giving back to the community through five programs, namely grant-aided education, environmental protection and carbon reduction, health assistance for the disabled, assistance to the poor and the weak, and disaster relief support. By being a responsible player that is grateful for the time it is in, Huaqin strives to actively shape the community it operates by teaching people "how to fish".

Employee Care

As the world's leading enterprise specialized in smart hardware products, Huaqin has experienced several transformations. Huaqin has updated its service offerings and revolutionized its business model, organizational structure, culture, leadership, and competencies. In response to the ever-changing technology landscape, Huaqin sees providing an open, fair, and inclusive work environment and a broader and more stable platform for employees as a vital move towards sustainable business growth.

Environmental Protection

Huaqin takes steps to make sure our own operations are green, low-carbon, and sustainable. Guided by the principle of "low consumption, low pollution, high efficiency", we have been striving to build green, sustainable company campuses.

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