• About Huaqin

    Founded in 2005 and Headquartered in Shanghai, Huaqin Technology Co., Ltd.

    ("Huaqin") is the world's leading enterprise specialized in smart hardware

    products. As part of its mission to "Improve People's Communication and Life",

    Huaqin offers end-to-end product development, manufacturing, and operation

    of software/ hardware/systems to global tech companies. With a large customer

    base in more than 100 countries worldwide, covering more than 80 operators,

    Huaqin provides global consumers with hundreds of millions of intelligent

    products including mobile phones, tablets, laptops, smart wearables, AIoT

    products, IDC products, and automotive electronics.

    • 13.1Billion USD

      Total Revenue by 2021


      Total number of employees


      Intellectual Property

    • Huaqin is a manufacturer with stronge capability in R&D

      We invest more in superior R&D resources and lead the innovation in intelligent manufacturing through large-scale research projects.

      With five R&D centers across China (Shanghai, Dongguan, Xi'an, Nanchang, and Wuxi), Huaqin invests billions of yuan annually and employs over 12,000 R&D technicians (including key components manufacturers majority-owned by Huaqin) for all consumer electronics scenarios. Huaqin has been granted more than 3,000 intellectual property rights, including over 800 patents for invention, way more than its competitors.

      We drive the cost down and efficiency up through digital operation and intelligent manufacturing.

      By building a big operation middle platform, Huaqin implements an efficient digital operation center that connects the whole value chain, creating a digital information ecosystem to meet the diversified needs of global tech players.

      Large-scale projects and flexible delivery are supported by a mix of two domestic manufacturing centers in Nanchang and Dongguan, and three overseas manufacturing bases in India, Indonesia, and Vietnam, all with a high automation level.

    • Huaqin is a harware company with strong sofware capabilities

      We bridge the gap and enable the integrated development of software and hardware.

      Hardware-software integrated development has been in the blood of Huaqin since its foundation. The Turing Institute is established to make Huaqin competitive in software and evaluation. On top of that, a comprehensive infrastructure platform based on the integrated development is built to meet the complex product needs of customers from all fields. We now boast over 2,000 software engineers and nearly 1,000 software copyrights.

    • Huaqin is a "small" company with larger operational scale

      Huaqin remains agile and efficient like a "small" company while being large in scale.

      Customer orientation goes right to the bone of Huaqin. We aspire to better serve our customers by expanding our presence globally (1 headquarters, 5 R&D centers, 2 domestic manufacturing centers, and 3 overseas manufacturing bases) and locking in all superior resources in advance. As we grow bigger with more employees and businesses, we retain fast response, agile adaptation, and efficient decision-making to serve our customers more effectively thanks to a combination of a mature governance structure, fast and flexible IPD (Integrated Product Development) process, and the "one, three, five days" issue escalation principle.

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    • Shanghai Headquarters

      Shanghai R&D Center

      Wuxi R&D Center

      Xi'an R&D Center

      Nanchang R&D Center

      Dongguan R&D Center

      Nanchang Manufacturing Center

      Dongguan manufacturing center

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