District Mayor Hang Yingwei of Pudong New Area Visits Huaqin for Epidemic Control Inspection and Guidance

February 12

During the chilly early spring, in a critical stage of novel coronavirus pneumonia control, District Mayor Hang Yingwei of Pudong New Area visited the Shanghai headquarters of Huaqin to inspect and guide its implementation of epidemic control measures. On the site, he pointed out that considering the tight epidemic control and Huaqin’s large number of staff, the key point of epidemic control should be avoiding gathering and focusing on the risks in every detail.

After a thorough inspection, District Mayor Hang acclaimed the results of Huaqin’s epidemic control measures and announced higher requirements. According to him, Huaqin shouldered heavy safety responsibilities as a company with nearly 2000 employees in Shanghai. However, he believed that despite the differences between the organizational system of epidemic control and that of research and development, Huaqin would succeed in checking the epidemic with the awareness of precision, standard, and workflow that is typical to its R&D personnel. 

Above Picture: A Delegation Headed by District Mayor Hang Yingwei of Pudong New Area exchanged viewpoints about epidemic control with CEO Qiu Wensheng of Huaqin at the Shanghai headquarters of Huaqin

In response to the government notification of Adjusting the Date of Work Resumption after the Spring Festival Holiday 2020 to February 10, Huaqin formulated professional, standardized epidemic control manuals and anti-epidemic measures. The company was determined to fight and win the battle against the epidemic by mobilizing all resources and blocking the spread of the virus. Placing emphasis on both epidemic control and work resumption and relying on effective cross-functional collaboration, Huaqin has resumed safe and orderly work.

Above Picture: On the left is CEO Qiu Wensheng of Huaqin and on the right is Director Mayor Hang Yingwei

During the inspection, Director Mayor Hang also listened attentively to Mr. Qiu’s introduction of the history of Huaqin and expressed the hope that Huaqin would secure a foothold in Pudong New Area and Zhangjinag Science City specifically and further enhanced the function of the headquarters. He also promised that government departments at various levels of Pudong New Area and Zhangjiang would spare no effort in facilitating the growth of Huaqin and assisting Huaqin in achieving its vision sooner. Lastly, Director Mayor Hang wished that the staff of Huaqin would stay healthy and safe and contribute their best efforts to the company’s orderly production and operations.

To create a healthy and safe workplace for its employees in spite of the epidemic, Huaqin has implemented a series of stringent epidemic control measures to prevent the spread of the epidemic. Meanwhile, the company has developed a detailed work resumption manual to guide all employees in protecting themselves from entering the park to the office buildings and rooms to the reception of visitors to dining to use and disposal of masks. These measures have consolidated the employees' confidence in fighting the epidemic, soothed their minds and encouraged them to restore the order of work.

Taking a closer look at the work resumption and epidemic control measures adopted by the Shanghai headquarters of Huaqin, the reporter saw that a temperature monitoring passageway for the employees of Huaqin was constructed at the entrance of the park, and disinfectants were placed at the first floor of each office building. Employees need to disinfect their hands first before they enter the office area. Everything proceeds in an orderly and systematic manner according to the standard work resumption and epidemic control process from employee information form filling, employee information registering, delivery of masks etc.

Huaqin has been taking practical action to fight the epidemic and has been strictly implementing the national epidemic prevention and control policies, to better protect the life and health of employees and maintain orderly business operations. It will fulfill the corporate social responsibilities, follow the government's guidance and call for its employees to work as one to overcome the difficulty, perform their duties and assist customers in achieving their goals.




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