Huaqin Attends MWC with Star Products

Mobile World Congress 2017 is host in Barcelona from February 27th to March 2nd with theme of The Next Element. The congress gathers many mobile phone manufactures, software manufacturers, IC manufacturers and telecoms across the world, showing the newest innovative products and the most advanced technologies to us.

As the same situations of last few years, smartphone manufacturers are still in the spotlight. Besides old players like Huawei, ZTE, Gionee, new entrants such as OPPO, vivo, Meizu join the battlefield, demonstrating their new weapons such as quick charge, camera technology and super long standby battery. At the congress, several popular models produced by Huaqin are seen on the showcase of big four brands. Moreover, Huaqin also brings 14 star models to the congress to meet with clients and discuss new innovative and commercial trends.

Huaiqn’s business covers smartphones, notebooks, tablets and other IoT products which are sold to more than 140 countries and regions in South Asia, North Asia, Africa, Latin America and Europe. As of 2016, Huaqin has sold 30 million units and cooperated with over 100 telecoms globally.



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