Huaqin Communication Donates RMB 5M Worth of Urgently Needed Medical Supplies

As the novel coronavirus-infected pneumonia breaks out, everyone's heart is with the afflicted. All in China, from enterprises to individuals, have contributed their share to fight the epidemic. In quick response, Huaqin Communication has mobilized its global network to deliver RMB 3M worth of urgently needed medical supplies (involving protection, disinfection, detection, and medicines) to the hospitals and disease control centers in Nanchang, Wuhan, and Fujian. Supporting the epidemic prevention and control is part of the social responsibility that Huaqin Communication as a private company is committed to.

Everyone at Huaqin Communication has paid close attention to the epidemic development and people fighting the disease on the front line. To round up medical supplies that keep running low, Huaqin Special Team for Donation has made over 1,000 calls to identify qualified providers around the globe, gathering medical supplies worth RMB 3M in less than four days.

To timely meet urgent needs, Huaqin Communication plans to donate the incoming supplies in batches in the next half a month. In response to the "Weibo Event Calling Upon All Businesses to Fight the Novel Coronavirus", Huaqin Communication decided to send in batches the gathered medical supplies to the designated hospitals in Wuhan, Public Health Center in the Hi-tech Zone of Nanchang, and the Disease Control and Prevention Center in Liancheng County in Fujian.

Jan. 31, 2020: A special team assembled to look for "urgently needed medical supplies" worldwide

The team has made more than 1,000 calls to identify qualified sources. Faced with various uncertainties, the team has kept an eye on every detail to ensure timely delivery of the supplies.

Feb. 3 – 4, 2020: First batch of medical supplies (antiseptic) delivered to the targeted medical institutions

Upon the arrival of the supplies, our staff packaged and delivered them at the fastest speed to targeted medical institutions, hoping to guarantee the safety of front-line fighters.

Feb. 7, 2020: Second batch of medical supplies donated to the First People's Hospital of Tianmen Hubei Province

The supplies include 100 barrels of 84 disinfectant, 1,000 bottles of disinfectant powder, and 25,000 pairs of nitrile gloves. We owe thanks to the front-line medical staff and hope they can protect themselves while helping the infected patients.

Feb. 10, 2020: Huaqin announced to donate kick-off lucky money 

Handing out lucky money is Huaqin's tradition to celebrate work resumption after the Spring Festival. This year, Huaqin decided to donate, on behalf of all the employees, the lucky money, RMB 2M worth of anti-epidemic supplies, to the designated medical institutions in the hope that front-line workers can operate in a safer environment.


"Huaqin Communication has been on the move and now calls on all to join us to fight the virus outbreak." This represents the corporate responsibility of Huaqin Communication as a private business and ODM bellwether, and shows the gratitude and admiration of all Huaqin employees to everyone fighting hard against all odds on the front line. Huaqin Communication appeals to more partners in the industry ecosystem worldwide to join in the love campaign as a responsible player. As we unite each other and gather enormous strength, we can tide over the crisis.




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