Huaqin Wins Intel 2016 Breakthrough Award

Intel CTE CEO Summit is held at Shenzhen on January 23rd, 2017. Huaqin is invited to attend the summit as key partner of Intel and given Breakthrough Award by Intel. This is Huaqin’s first award related to notebook business.

This summit gathers manufacturers from industries of notebook, cloud, retailing finance and digital signage to discuss development strategy on technology ecology of Intel. Intel points out that opportunities of 2017 fall on PC business, IoT industry, data center and innovative hardware which Intel will channel a great deal of efforts into. Meanwhile, Intel shows its sincerity to cooperate with manufacturers present on a comprehensive level.

PC is one of Intel’s core businesses. In 2016, shipments of 2-in-1 chips reached 5 million which was a good performance in Intel’s PC business. In 2017, Intel will continues to put much more attention to chips for 2-in-1 notebooks.

Huaqin is a NO.1 smartphone ODM and NO.1 tablet ODM in the world which started notebook business in 2016. So far, Huaqin has achieved mass production of Acer’s and Lenovo’s notebooks. The year of 2017 is a big year for Huaqin to expand notebook business. Therefore, Huaqin hopes to make win-win cooperation with industrial partners and create higher commercial value to our clients.


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