Map of Huaqin R&D Centers

In 2005, Huaqin is founded in Shanghai. In 2016, Huaqin topped the list of ODM industry, ranked the 7th in global smartphone EMS list, and ranked the 4th in global tablet EMS list, owning over 2000 items of intellectual property rights and more than 2000 R&D staff. Undoubtedly, Huaqin is born with strong R&D DNA.

During 12 years, Huaqin has expanded its business from smartphones to tablets, notebooks and IoT products. Therefore, one R&D center cannot fulfill Huaqin’s business anymore.

In June 2011, Huaqin’s first Westward Movement happened, establishing the second R&D center in Xi’an High-tech District with an area of 8400 m2 and more than 700 staff.

In October 2016, Huaqin’s second Southward Movement happened following the establishment of Dongguan manufacturing center in 2008. Huaqin announced the kick-off of its third R&D center in Songshan Lake in Dongguan, covering an area of 38785.52 m2 which is to be completed by March, 2018.

In early 2017, Huaqin announced to build the fourth R&D center in Wuxi high-tech District with an area of 36667 m2 where 3000 employees are expected to be hold.

Wensheng Qiu, the founder of Huaqin once said that if we want to succeed, we should do right things and difficult things.
But what are right things and difficult things? New technology and high technology are answers from Wensheng Qiu who is used to be an engineer. Moreover, Huaqin missions to improve people’s communication and life. In other words, Huaiqn regards new technology and high technology as tools for serving human beings. That is what right things and difficult things for Huaqin people to do.

So far, Huaqin’s products are sold to more than 140 countries and regions in Asia, Africa, Latin America and Europe, providing products of high quality for 300 million people worldwide, allowing people from countries and regions of different development levels can enjoy wireless mobile life equally.



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