The New Headquarters of Huaqin Signs with Zhangjiang Science City to Be One of Its Key Projects

Introduction:Following the commencement of the Gate of Science, Zhangjiang Science City organized a collective signing and commencement ceremony for 50 key projects with a total investment of RMB 36.4 billion. The new headquarters of Huaqin was among them. In the future, Huaqin will help Zhangjiang Science City build a technological talent pool and first-class high-tech facilities so that its technological innovation industry will soon be at the world’s forefront.

Collective Signing and Commencement Ceremony of Key Projects of Zhangjiang Science CityOrganizer: Shanghai Pudong New Area GovernmentCo-organizer: Construction and Management Office of Shanghai Zhangjiang Science CityShanghai Zhangjiang (Group) Co., Ltd.Shanghai Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park Development Co., Ltd.

The New Headquarters of Huaqin has Completed the Signing and Commenced the Construction and has Increased their Investment

The Collective Signing and Commencement Ceremony of 50 Key Projects of Zhangjiang Science City kicked off in the morning of February 27. With a total investment of up to RMB 36.4 billion, the projects covered innovative R&D platforms, integrated circuits, biomedicine, artificial intelligence, urban function enhancement etc. Qiu Wensheng, CEO of Huaqin, attended the signing and commencement ceremony for the new headquarters of Huaqin and was interviewed by reporters of CCTV and Dragon TV. “Huaqin has been growing fast. We have every confidence in the future development of the industry, the park and ourselves. That’s why we are planning to double the scale of the R & D team,”said Mr. Qiu. As one of the strongest high-tech companies at Zhangjiang Science City, Huaqin is expected to further expand diversity and scale and to embrace even greater growth momentum.

Above Picture: CEO Qiu Wensheng (the first person on the left) of Huaqin attended the Collective Signing and Commencement Ceremony of Key Projects of Zhangjiang Science City 

Gather Global Tech Giants and Drive the Future Development of Zhangjiang Science City

Zhangjiang Science City is home to a large number of technology companies and is the major platform for economic development and technological innovation of Shanghai. At present, heavy investment is made in Zhangjiang Science City, of which Huaqin is one of the dominant companies in its leading industry. The new headquarters of Huaqin will drive the growth of the peripheral industries and create a cluster effect. Since Huaqin planned to establish a global smart product hardware platform, it has further accelerated the integration with the global tech giants, link the upstream and downstream ecological industrial chains, pool advantageous resources of global technology companies, and on this basis inject vigor and vitality into the technological innovation and high-quality growth of Zhangjiang Science City. 

Above Picture: CEO Qiu Wensheng of Huaqin was interviewed by reporters of CCTV and Dragon TV 

Comprehensive Epidemic Control and Work Resumption at Zhangjiang Science City

In a critical stage of epidemic prevention and control, Zhangjiang Science City focused on both fighting against the epidemic and on economic development. Huaqin kept a close watch on the developments of COVID-19 and donated RMB 5 million worth of emergency medical supplies shortly after the epidemic broke out. The company also abided by the national anti-epidemic policies, carefully deployed epidemic prevention and control measures and applied the rigorous, standardized and process-based work approach of the R & D team to the implementation of epidemic prevention and control measures, to ensure effective epidemic control and orderly work resumption, and to leverage the wisdom and strength of Zhangjiang companies to facilitate epidemic prevention and control in Shanghai and the country at large.

2020 witnesses the 15th year of robust growth of Huaqin and also the transformation of Zhangjiang from a hi-tech park to a science city. It also heralds the quick growth of Zhangjiang Science City in the future.



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