History of Huaqin Manufacturing Center


Huabel Technology was founded in Zhuhai


duction of PCBA & devices started


Dongguan Huabel was incorporated, and the device production facility was relocated in Dongguan


Dongguan Songshan Lake Industrial Park was built, and we moved in it


Dongguan Huabel was recognized by renowned global customers, and kicked off smart manufacturing


Huabel started to mass-produce tablets, and was put on a list of Top 10 privately held organizations in Dongguan in terms of annual incomes from main operations


Huabel’s Phase II was put into operation


Huabel was merged into Huaqin, and the Houjie facility started its production


The Dongguan Manufacturing Center made a breakthrough revenue, and was put on the Top 100 Chinese private organizations for the very first time
The foundation stone was laid for the


Nanchang Manufacturing Center went into production
Dongguan Manufacturing Center Phase III went into production
Nanchang MFG Center officially opened

About Nanchang Manufacturing Center



The Huaqin Nanchang Manufacturing Center covers a land area of 300 mu, with a gross floor area of approximate 400,000+ square meters and 20,000 employees. The combined intelligent device production capacity of its Phase I and II projects is over 50 million units. So far, the Center has invested 4 billion RMB in high-end manufacturing, industrial automation, management information system, and other software and hardware infrastructure facilities. In fact, the most state-of-the-art production equipment, either homemade or imported from abroad, has been deployed for smart manufacturing of notebook computers and other products.

The Center is able to satisfy the extensive range of smart manufacturing requirements, such as diversified process control dimensions, and support for multi-device, multi-configuration production. From input, testing, packaging to output, its streamlined production process features the seamless connection of all work flows, and accurate and fast delivery can be made. The entire production chain delivers complete quality control and strict process control, with a powerful and comprehensive production information traceability system to fully meet the customer need for reduced failure rate.

In addition, the Center provides full support for various IT systems, including ERP, ISC, APS, SRM, MES 3.0 and BI systems, which are implemented for coordinated management, improved product yield and productivity, reduced inventory, and fast response to market dynamics, all leading to cost control and automated, lean production.

Its SMT and FA production equipment has already been put into operation, and efforts are currently being made for automation and scale of manufacturing. The goal is to build a fully visible, digitally controllable factory by 2023.




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