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entry name:Huaqin Charity Forest

Project time:2023.10

Project partner:/

Target population:Gansu Qingsuo Philanthropy Development Center

Project overview:Huaqin has launched a philanthropic initiative called the "Huaqin Charity Forest" program to help establish a windbreak and sand-fixation forest spanning 50 mu in the Tengger Desert. Approximately 3500 red willow/saxaul trees are planned to be planted, with an expected survival rate exceeding 85%. This undertaking plays a crucial role in safeguarding the ecological integrity of the Hexi Corridor and addressing the root causes of desertification. By implementing this initiative, Huaqin demonstrates its dedication to promoting ecological industrialization and fulfilling its corporate social responsibility.

entry name:Green Power on Campus

Project time:2022.02-2022.05

Project partner:Overseas China Education Foundation

Target population:300 students and teachers at Liuzhai Middle School in Huining County, Baiyin, Gansu Province

Project overview:In response to China's carbon neutrality goal and to improve education in poor areas, Huaqin funded the installation of 68.20 KWp photovoltaic power generation equipment at Liuzhai Middle School in Huining County, Gansu Province. The equipment can meet the school's daily electricity demand and reduce 99.7 tons of carbon dioxide emissions per year.

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