Grant-aided Education

A Socially Responsible Player with Love and Technology

entry name:Love Donation for Students

Project time:2021.10

Project partner:School of Computer Science, Shaanxi Normal University

Target population:Zuolong Primary School, Zuolong Town, Langao County, Shaanxi

Project overview:Overview: Huaqin donated sports goods to Zuolong Primary School, especially football gear, to support its "football-featured school" program and help students there grow healthily.

entry name:"Diligence & Reflection" Science Campaign

Project time:2022.09-2023.09

Project partner:Shanghai United Foundation and Shanghai Yusi Youth Computing Science Development Center

Target population:Teachers and students in Grade 3 of Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Experimental Primary School

Project overview:Focusing on "popularizing science and inspiring innovation", a specially designed science and technology education course is held once a week, including the introduction to computer programming, hands-on practice in creative electronics, and many more, to help cultivate virtuous and innovative talents of the future.

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