Huaqin’s Robot Passes National Robert Testing and

Huaqin’s Robot Passes National Robert Testing and

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International Robot Testing & Certification Summit is held in Shanghai on November 2nd with aims to implement national policies related to manufacturing and robot industry and to foster the development of robot industry.

      The National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Administration of Quality Supervision, Certification and Accreditation Administration jointly issue China Robot Certification at the summit. Robots made by Huaqin and other ten enterprises pass the testing and certification which are the first batch of robots to gain the certification.

      The robot passing the certification of Huaqin is named Xiaoluo, which is made for commercial use. Robot Xiaoluo evolves from Robot Abu (a robot for reception) and Robot Domi (robot for logistics) who is equipped with more robotic techonologies such as multimedia, indoor localization, motion control, cloud computing and image identification.

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