Senior Vice President of Huaqin Invited to Join in

Senior Vice President of Huaqin Invited to Join in

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Senior Vice President of Huaqin Telecoms, David Wu, is invited to join in Great Wall Club (GWC).

      GWC is a globally influential mobile internet platform whose members include many famous enterprises at home and abroad. GWC aims to help its members and clients develop reliable business networks and to foster development of mobile internet industry through developing membership network, organizing global mobile internet congress and industrial activities, establish vertical media, etc.

      Huaqin has been working on mobile terminal ODM for nine years and stands out in the industry by gaining recognition from clients with the edge of innovation and manufacturing capacity. As a member of GNC, Huaqin will channel more efforts to innovation and quality of products, and further, make attribution to ICT industry together with peers.

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Wuxi R&D Center
28 Qingyuan Road, Xinwu District, Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province, China
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