P6410 Arm General Purpose 2U Rack Server

Ampere® Altra 2U2S Server

Based on Ampere® Arm platform, it supports Altra™ and Altra Max™. Modular design and flexible configuration make it a good performance and scalability solution for cloud computing, cloud gaming, cloud mobile, and other application scenarios.

Product features

  • Dual Ampere® Arm platforms with Altra™ and Altra Max™ processors up to max TDP 250W and 128 cores

  • Multi-core and multithreading: 80 cores on a single-die CPU, multithreading and high performance, suitable for high concurrency and virtualization scenarios

  • Scalability: Supports Ampere's next-generation CPU Altra Max with up to 128 cores

  • Rich resources: Up to 28* NVMe transfers for ultimate performance

  • High-speed memory: 2DPC 3200 memory

  • Multi-host: Parallel computing of OCP slot resources to reduce latency between CPUs

  • Module design: Fast switch between storage, computing, and balanced deployment

  • Diverse choices: Front HDD/SSD/NVMe mix on demand

  • Comprehensive competence: 2*FHFL DW GPU for AI training or up to 8*FHHL AI inference cards (4* x16+4* x8)

  • Flexible storage: 12 front NVMe/SAS/SATA and 4 rear NVMe/SAS/SATA with an AnyBay design + 2*M.2(x4 PCIe) on board

  • Easy maintenance: Tool-free chassis disassembly

  • Low power consumption: Lower CPU power consumption (210W for 80 cores) and better cooling environment (low RPM to bring down overall power consumption)

Product specification




2xAmpere® Altra™ LGA4926 Pins CPUs,80 Arm v8.2+64-bit CPU cores at 3.3 GHz with Sustained Turbo; Up to 250W


32x DDR4 DIMM Slots,  Up to 3200MT/s 

Integrated Network

1x 1GbE dedicate IPMI Port


Front: 12xLFF SAS/SATA/NVMe  or 24xSFF NVMe(*开发中)

Rear: 4x SFF SAS/SATA/Nvme 

Rear PCIe Extension

Max  8x PCIe Card + 1x OCP 3.0 

  • Riser 1: FHFLx16 + FHFLx16 + FHHLx8

  • Riser 2: FHFLx16 + FHFLx16 + FHHLx8

  • Riser 3: FHFLx8 + FHFLx8 (Optional )

  • SFF OCP3.0(Multihost)

External IO

2x Front & 2x Rear USB 3.0, Type-A

1x PWR BTN with LED

1x Front UID BTN with LED + 1x Rear UID LED

1x Front VGA +1x Rear VGA

1x Rear COM port(DB9)  

System MGNT

IPMI 2.0 management, ASPEED AST2500 BMC


TPM header for TPM2.0/TCM2.0


1+1 Redundant 185mm CRPS


90 V~264 V AC or 200 V ~ 300 V DC

System  Fans

4x 8038




87mm (H) x 436mm (W) x 815mm (D)

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